Revealed – The Best Airports Of 2017

Airports share the comfort of home and much more for the weary nomad who has left the comfort of home for a substantial amount of time. A unifying place for one and all, airports these days are nothing short of a full fledged city-scape where various nationalities meet and greet. Here is a sneak peak to the best airports of 2017, the year that is approaching an end. Multiple factors have been taken into consideration to create the list, primarily focusing on frequent flyers preferences and the amenities provided.

best airports of 2017

From a sprawling hospital to the tiny souvenir shops, airports are well equipped to welcome everyone. What’s more? For long hauls, you do not have to book a transit hotel but can make arrangements to sleep in the airports these days. Read on for more trivia!

1. Singapore’s Changi International Airport

This airport in Singapore has been highly acclaimed by travellers for fast service and amenities. Napping rooms, swimming pool, gardens, massage chairs and gaming stations, aside from restaurants and shops are around in the premises. In case you are asking for more, contact customer care. They are known to be super fast and best in timely delivery. The immigration ends with a sweet note, as you will be presented a candy by the end of the haul!

2. Seoul Incheon International Airport, South Korea

Unlike the northern counterpart, South Korea has advanced a lot in many industries; needless to say airport will surely get a touch of the same! Cultural centre, gardens or even free transit tours are the highlights of the airport. What we loved the most about this place was, despite humongous size, they never shy away to keep it utterly clean. Stuffs are respectful, helpful, and can generally speak pretty good English, making it easy for different nationalities.

3. Tokyo Haneda International Airport, Japan

The economy of this country is flight based. Tokyo airport is of immense importance to the country, being in the capital. Extremely clean and efficient management of the airport magnifies the Japanese thought process of minimalist beauty. You can get access to lounges or at a transit hotel at ease. It has been well adorned with miniature Japanese idols and many more, giving it a theme parked look.

4. Zurich Airport

A clean and small airport, adorned with all the fancy decorations, making it an obvious choice for the travellers. This is also known as Kloten Airport. The largest international airport of Switzerland houses maximum operation by Swiss International Air Lines. From a passenger’s perspective, this is the airport where you can sip on Champagne with Oyster and Truffle Pralines at a price at par with the city’s restaurants if not less. Do not miss the subway ride!

5. Hong Kong International Airport

An extremely clean and huge airport, Hong Kong International Airport operates on high service standard. From security to check in to immigration, everything is super fast and easy. It is connected to downtown with buses and express trains at reasonable price. There are plenty of places to quickly take rest, take a nap, charge your phone or even quick eats. It is the base of Cathay Pacific Airlines which is a part of One World airline alliance.

These are best airports of 2017 from my experience. Let me know what has been your favourite in the journeys you make in the comments below. As a matter of facts airport experiences have been instrumental in driving a man’s life. Many relationships start here, many revolutions have been operated from here, stringent security options with more innovative measures have been thought of.

What is your story about the best airports of 2017? Have I missed something? Do you think something should not belong to the list? Let me know in the discussion below.

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