Countries That Provide Visa On Arrival For Indians In Asia

Having an Indian passport and dreaming of travelling round the world? It could be a trying thought given the political turmoil and conflicts the country is engaged with at the border posts. To curb the bad news and equip you with some great ideas to travel, we have listed down the best countries with visa on arrival for Indians in Asia that you can shortlist to visit .

These countries provide visa on arrival for Indians in Asia opportunity and often flaunt a distinct culture scope, less explored by the wider populace.

Visa On Arrival For Indians In Asia

Sri Lanka

The country locked by Indian Ocean from all the side has India on the north and hosts Indians with a broad smile with visa on arrival facility. Visit Sri Lanka for heritage buildings of Galle, azure beaches showcasing spectacular sunsets, a vibrant light life, sprawling coffee plantation and the massive blue whales of Indian ocean. You can also visit the elephant sanctuary where playing with baby elephants is a major attractions for responsible tourists.


Quintessentially the best beaches of Asia, Thailand houses multiple places of attractions and receives millions of tourist footfall everyday. You can get a visa done from India or queue up once landed at the airport for visa on arrival is available for Indian national (be informed about the large crowd). Along with that, also plan a trip to the northern Chiang Mai (a heaven for digital nomads), explore the pristine beaches of Krabi or shop till you drop in Bangkok.


A jewel among South East Asian countries, Vietnam offers an array of experiences for the discerning travelers. The mountain ranges of Sa Pa from Fansipan in the north to the old ruins of My Son to the forbidden city of Hue to the French replica in Indo China region, Saigon, rechristened as the Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam will astound you in every step. Take your time and explore Vietnam one step at a go. Visa on arrival is available for Indian travelers, but a prior registration with the immigration department is required before arrival.


Your South east Asia expedition shall remain incomplete unless you have explored the ancient temple complex of Angkor Wat of Siem Reap. Cambodia gives a warm welcome to Indian nationals with an option of Visa on Arrival.


You do not even need a visa to visit this small country, christened as the kingdom of happiness, tucked at the Himalayan terrain. An overnight bus journey from the north eastern states and West Bengal with a permit is all you need to explore Bhutan.


The only remaining Hindu kingdom of the world, Nepal is a sovereign country, houses the highest of the mountains Everest, and does not require a visa from the Indians. Nepal also features some of the best trekking trails of the world.

Round the world travel calls for touching your feet in all of the 200 odd countries featured on international map. For the time being, start with the countries that offer visa on arrival for Indians in Asia. They are picturesque and rank high on travelers radar. Guess what is more? They are budget friendly to travel to as well! In case you have used some cool travel hacks like this in the quest of exploring the world, let us know in the comment section below.

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